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Television experience: Jonathan Sosa has climbed the broadcasting ladder from a Production Assistant to a Promotions Manager which gave him invaluable insight into the television process; with hands on experience of location shooting, studio filming, office management work and general duties. His time at local news stations required him to work with anchors, reporters, film crews, other department heads and staff members and victims of severe crimes. Clear, concise and often very sensitive communicational skills were required. Filmed from Special Olympics competitions and local high school football to NFL games.

Interest in the Media: Jonathan's enjoyment and critical interest in the media (television, film, journalism, music, photography, radio and new media) increased markedly throughout his life and has continued growing since then.

Computer skills: While acquiring hands on experience, Jonathan expanded his knowledge and confidence of several different non-linear editing programs such as AVID, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and many more.  He is also very proficient on many basic Microsoft programs such as Internet Explorer, Word, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook Express. He actively enjoys researching on the Internet and has a basic understanding of HTML and Visual Basic.

Writing/research skills: During his time as a Promotions Producer, Jonathan's ability to express critical opinions within a sustained argument developed immensely. A high level of research and analytical reading was essential to reach this standard. The experiences of writing articles/reviews, short film scripts and adapting a play have increased his confidence in these developmental skills.

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