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2013 Year End Review

Each year seems to pass quicker than the previous one. This year, with all the traveling I have done, 2013’s end has just crept up on me. We can all be very proud of what we have accomplished as 2013 will soon be a thing of the past. However, I am especially blessed with the bonds I have created with the roller coaster year that I endured. It was a jam-packed year filled with unique jobs & special events, such as the 49th Annual Congreso Conference in Waco, the Youth Evangelism Conference in Arlington and working with churches of different denominations.

It’s hard to believe that just ten months ago I was laid off from a job I truly did not enjoy and was not in the area of my profession. Nevertheless, God blessed me by providing a temporary assignment. This allowed me to pay my bills. I knew He had something better for me and in my line of expertise. At that point, I buckled down and began working for myself. I found new avenues promoting myself as an independent multimedia expert. I have reached new heights through the year by stepping out in faith and trusting God over working a menial job.

Today, I am informing you, that I now have a great full-time job that I like, in the profession that I am familiar with, and still it gives me time to do other side projects. I want to share this letter with you so that you know that with some determination, discipline, hard work, and first and foremost believing and trusting God, you are able to achieve anything your heart desires.

Most of what I described above couldn’t happen without my friends, family & pastors. Your constant prayers, motivation, and resources helped me achieve goals I never thought I could.

Thank you for your support. May you all have a great and happy new year.

The Best is yet to come in 2014,

Jonathan Sosa

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