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2014 Year-End Review

2014 year end review.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone! The year-end is coming, and it’ll be 2015! Are you ready for the New Year? Are you ready for a year of excitement and new challenges?

Before we move on to the New Year, it’s high time for all of us to do a review for the year. This is my second review now and it has become an annual affair now, one that I look forward to in excitement.

To me, doing this annual review is like getting a report card. I remember when I was back in school, I would be excited when it was time to get our results back, especially when I had prepared for the exams and gave them my all. It’s no different with my annual review – except these results aren’t for my studies – they’re bigger. They’re for my life.

What I’ve learned in 2014 is love can be achieved, but it has to be two people willing to make one relationship work. If one person wants one thing that goes against the other’s beliefs, it will not work. Sadly, I learned that the hard way and had to stand up for what I believed. I still miss my ex, but we both knew it wouldn’t work and we wished other well.

Some of the highlights of this year was I got to travel to Phoenix, AR for the first time. I started becoming more prominent in two positions that I hold at two of the biggest churches in San Antonio. Lately my working relationship with Parrish Productions is growing to new heights.

The sky is the limit as to where my video production will take us. I recently started two online video channels that can change the way we view TV and today was offered a new project with a real estate company. Sosafilm Productions is on its way up and I’m gathering talent to help us get there.

You know since leaving my Interim Promotions Manager position almost 6 years ago, I have really learned a lot starting all over. From sleeping on friends’ & family’s couches to living out of my car, this journey has been a great humbling experience.

I remember when I was a young boy; we had an old TV set with no remote. All my friends had remotes, except for me. One day I asked my dad how come we never had a TV with a remote. He smiled and said, “Why do you think I had all of you? You are my remote!” Later he replied with a great rebuttal, “If you really don’t like what you are seeing, then get up and change it because no one else is going to do it for you.”

I finally realize what he meant. I wasn’t born privileged and would never be. I knew if I wanted to do something big, I had to work for it.

2014 was a great year for me and I am truly grateful for the people that were planted in my life. My awesome family, though they did not get the move I made in 2009, they know this was the best thing for me. To my crazy friends, the Vlaun’s, Martinez’ and staff at Concordia; if it weren’t for you all, I would be back in Corpus Christi. The great world changers of Impact Now, I am honored to have worked with you during my freelance era. Last but not least, I’d like to thank God for humbling me and pushing me to take these great leaps of faith.

I am excited about what has happened and what’s to come in 2015. I leave it in God’s hands and continue to do his work.

To whoever is reading this, I challenge you to pray and make big leaps of faith. Because you don’t want to wake up 10, 20 or 50 years from now regretting past opportunities. I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s and think big in 2015.

In your corner,

Jonathan R. Sosa

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