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Short Film of the Week: Webcam

ZBros' short film called "Webcam" brings a new type of thriller to the film festivals. But before you write this film off for artistic interpretation, it's actually based on very true, harrowing events.

In 2010, police arrested a 31-year-old Californian man for hacking into young women's computers and spying on them.

According to FBI, the hacker "used a malicious virus to infect and control the computers of his victims." He would search and download explicit images, then use them to manipulate the women and get more material.

The producers behind "Webcam," which was shot entirely on a computer's camera, recreated the story in hopes that "it will make people think more about the technology that we use every day."

Watch the full video and be sure to have something to cover up your computer's webcam.

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