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2015 Year-End Review

So I am a little over a month late on my year-end review, which just shows you how busy I’ve been. From Dallas, Phoenix, New Orleans and South Africa, I‘ve been blessed to travel over 20,000 miles this past year. This is my third year doing this and it feels that this past year was a blur. Last year I compared my year-end reviews to exams. It’s funny how we can think that way one year and the next have a totally different aspect.

Ferris Bueller once said, “If you don’t stop and smell the roses, you just might miss it.” I kind of had those moments where I had to stop and get away from it all, or else I will lose myself.

2015 showed me some heartache, but I will not let them hold me down. And it’s not their fault. I’ve been the single bachelor for so long that I forget about their needs. I’m curious what God has in store for my special lady.

Professionally I have honed in my services to one local church and Parrish Productions. (Who handles most of the evangelism department of the Texas Baptist convention.) I found out that I was working myself to death, like I quoted our 80’s icon, “I was missing it.” The ceiling at Parrish Productions keeps getting higher and higher. I was honored to take my father and be a part of their team to represent the Baptist World Alliance in Durban, South Africa. It’s exciting that we have been establishing a closer relationship with our clients from all over the world and can’t wait to see their ministries grow.

To the people who are reading this, 2016 has already been a bit rough on me. But that is life. It’s all for us to be stronger. I challenge you to hug and tell the people you love how you feel. Because, you might not get another chance to do it again. Thank you God for another year of life, please help me be a reflection of You and thank you for pushing me forward when I just want to stay still.

Adelante con oración

Moving forward with Prayer

Jonathan R. Sosa

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